The leadership team of this $1B+ health system wanted to audit their brand as a part of their CEO-led Year of the Brand initiative.

  • Benchmark current community attitudes and perceptions
  • Prepare to create new communications
  • Judge those communications efforts using this baseline



  • Developed tailored research tools to collect input
  • Gathered attitudes from current and past patients and non-patients
  • Qualitative research:
    • Gained in-depth understanding of community perceptions, word of mouth, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Quantitative tools:
    • Reinforced and quantified qualitative findings
    • Viewed data by service line and county


Result (Ongoing)

  • New communications and marketing plans
    • Based on research findings
    • Goals: Change attitudes and better inform the community about service offerings.


The Strategy VP, frustrated with the data he had, said of our data, “That’s just what I need.”

“Healthcare is something that really needed to be discussed in our area and needed to be heard by the people in our community! Your employees were really sweet and welcoming and made you feel extremely comfortable to talk. They really stopped and listened to everyone in the group, made notes, and asked on-point questions. Truth be told, I was kind of sad it only lasted for an hour because it seemed like the hour went by so quickly that I could have sat and discussed healthcare for another hour! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the people of our community when no one else does.”
– From a research participant

Melissa completed brand research for me while I was at my position at a community health system. The plan was solid, the process was flawless, and she kept us focused on the relevant findings that would drive our perception. She worked seamlessly with our advertising agencies and was exceptional with our leadership team and helping me relay the information to various levels of the organization and the board. She has become one of my most trusted partner colleagues!
– Susan Wollebeck, VP, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Adena Health System


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