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Forging a Legacy of Excellence in Human Resource Management

With over 47 years of expertise spanning the breadth of human resource management, Morris & McDaniel stands as a trusted partner for public and private sector clients worldwide. From the meticulous selection of entry-level personnel to the cultivation of internal leadership and the fine-tuning of organizational dynamics, we offer indispensable support across a spectrum of crucial domains.

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Distinguished by our boutique, hands-on approach, we craft solutions developed through decades of experience, ensuring that each client receives tailored strategies to address their unique challenges.

Founded in 1976 by Dr. David Morris, a seasoned expert with a rare blend of qualifications in psychology, law, and business administration, Morris & McDaniel continues to set the standard under his leadership. Dr. Morris’s multifaceted background equips him with unparalleled insight into the complexities of human resource management, particularly in compliance with Title VII regulations. Guided by his expertise, we design robust personnel systems that not only withstand legal scrutiny but also empower management to make informed decisions.

Our impact extends far beyond national borders, with significant contributions in conflict zones like Iraq, where we collaborated with the U.S. Department of Defense on screening initiatives for the Iraqi Police Service and the development of selection tests for the Iraqi Armed Forces. Across the Middle East and beyond, we forge partnerships with educational and training institutions to enhance human resource capabilities. Our involvement in global efforts, including support in Ukraine, underscores our commitment to advancing HR practices worldwide.

For nearly half a century, Morris & McDaniel has been at the forefront of assisting public safety organizations across the United States, offering expertise in screening methodologies and sophisticated evaluation programs. From large metropolitan jurisdictions to smaller entities, our legacy of service remains unmatched.

Expanding our reach beyond public safety, we now cater to diverse industries where precise measurement of skills and behavioral traits is paramount, including transportation, manufacturing, retail, nuclear, and healthcare sectors.

We are dedicated to delivering excellence in service across all projects and contracts with our clients. Leveraging our expertise, qualifications, and resources, we pledge to enthusiastically address our clients' needs promptly and effectively.

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Regardless of your organization's size or mission, Morris & McDaniel stands ready to collaborate as your ally, empowering you to build a capable and motivated team poised for success.

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